The Meergronden bilingual

The Meergronden, a secondary school in Almere, near Amsterdam, in the heart of Holland, offers its pupils a bilingual curriculum.

Where is Almere?

The Meergronden is relatively new: it was founded in 1978 and is situated in Flevoland, Holland’s new province entirely reclaimed from the sea.


Fresh opportunities
Starting a new school provides all kinds of new opportunities. The Meergronden is a dynamic school with a professional and involved team which invests in a good relationship with pupils on a basis of equivalence. We think education should be pupil-centered and we offer education made to measure. The Meergronden offers room for individual development so that pupils can nurture their talents. The Meergronden is a school in the middle of society, a place where young people work intensively, enjoying new knowledge and experiencing and developing their personal qualities. Society changes rapidly. Growing up is not easy at this moment. That is why we want our school to be a safe place, in which we work on a deeper understanding of society and individual responsibility.

The school coöperates with other schools in Europe:

UK, Poole. Poole grammar school.

Spain, Valencia. Institutode Bachillerato.

Sweden, Eskilstuna. Eskils gymnasium.  

Hungary, Ajka. Brody Gimnazium es Szakkozepiskola

Czech republic, Praag. Gumnazium Jana Nerudy.

Estonia/Estland, Haapsalu.Wiedemann Gymnasium.

Poland, Swietochlowice. Gimnazjum nr1