Bilingual education (TTO)

De Meergronden is a certified senior bilingual school. This means that the bilingual programme begins in year 1 and lasts until the Dutch exams. Enrollment is possible in mavo, havo and vwo.

If you choose to register, you will receive extra English lessons and, in the lower forms, you will be taught in English half of the time. History, Geography or Biology are some examples of subjects in which you will employ the English language and learn with an English method. While this is exciting and probably nerve wrecking at first, you grow accustomed to the program and become more fluent. At the end, you are a near native speaker.
In addition to language acquisition, the bilingual programme is about crossing borders. Students look at national and international issues from different perspectives and become true global citizens. The TTO programme consists of mail projects with foreign students, experience working with actors in a play, museum visits and trips to internationally orientated companies. Furthermore, students stay with host families during the UK trip in form 3 and travel abroad to a partner school in Europe in form 4.
As mentioned earlier, more than 50% of instruction in the first years is in English. After you have chosen your exam subjects, the Dutch language will be more commonplace in your schedule. For example, while Physical Education (PE) and your extended essay are in English, you will be preparing for the Dutch exams. Additionally, we prepare you for the IB English certificate in the havo/vwo and for the Anglia certificate in mavo. These are internationally recognized certificates that facilitate admittance into future education or jobs.

(Near) native speaker/international school

The combination of half Dutch and half English makes TTO the perfect option for students who want to feel more at home in Dutch society. Please note that, if Dutch is your concern, the TTO will prepare you step by step in school for the Dutch exams. Of course, it is also possible to opt for the entire Dutch curriculum if you need emergence in the Dutch language. While TTO- a special type of education- is more expensive than a regular Dutch class, it is still far cheaper than enrolling in an International School in which all subjects are taught within the IB curricula.
Regardless of the choice that you make, De Meergronden is an internationally orientated environment.

If you are wondering whether TTO is right for you, ask yourself the question: how much English do I hear around me? The English language is everywhere, such as in newspapers, games, the Internet and more. If you are motivated to put extra effort into shaping your future, we encourage you to sign up. Of course, we will contact your primary school and take a look at your previous results. Your teacher knows you best and we value his or her advice highly. From our experience, we know that bilingual students perform well and that the English does not interfere with subject level. So take the step and enroll! Take a look at this video: