Little Victorians Evening show, bilingual year 1 

This schoolyear started like the ones before Corona, although we hosted an extra workshop Little Victorians for the year 2 bilingual classes. This because their original one was cancelled due to that small virus. Pupils travel back in time during school hours and are involved in drama, history, use the English language and work together.

On January 16th, the year 1 bilingual classes, after a few months of adapting to the new, large, school and to the English language during all those lessons being taught in English, it was now time to be emerged in the Victorian age during an evening show by the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company. Although at the start the children were a bit apprehensive, they soon got involved and enjoyed the different scenes.

Their parents, maybe focussing especially at their own kid, were amazed by the joy they showed and how the different scenes came together at the end. Everyone agreed, being a child in Victorian time was no fun!

Hans Heslinga, biology teacher and TTO- coördinator