Anglia Graduation: everybody’s passed!

30 mei 2017


On the 23rd of May 34 students received their Anglia certificates.

These students, nicely dressed, together with their family and friends gathered in the auditorium.

The first speech was from our headmistress Simone de Kruijk followed by Col Dumoulin who is the team leader of the bilingual section. They both emphasized the fact that all students who participated passed their exam and lots of them with very high grades.

Sharda Ronkes and Brenda Koster, the teachers of these students, addressed some words to each and every one of them. While doing so two pictures of the student were projected on the screen next to each other: a recent picture and one taken in the first grade. This caused a lot of laughter in the audience due to the reaction of the students.

The certificate was handed out together with a decorated mug filled with English sweets. 

The weather was very nice so a picture of our bilingual students was taken outside.
In this way a journey which started four years ago joyfully ended.

Congratulations everyone!

English teachers Sharda Ronkes en Brenda Koster