Anglia Graduation: everybody’s passed, congratulations!

12 maart 2019

This week 34 students received their Anglia certificates. These students, nicely dressed, gathered in the auditorium together with their family and friends listened to this speech of English teacher Sharda Ronkes:

Welcome to our 4th graduation of bilingual education on vocational and lower grammar school level. Since that is quite a long word we will just simply call it vmbo tto.
My name is Sharda Ronkes and I am a teacher of English. I had the honour to teach the mavo class for 2 years and I am very proud of my students. I also had the honour to escort the KBL class to the UK. I have seen my students walk in at a very young age and soon they will leave this school or this department as almost grownups.
We are looking at 34 students who have all graduated successfully. They started off 4 years ago and will leave our school with two qualifications. The first one will be handed out today, their Anglia certificate, and the second one will be within a few months, either their mavo or KBL diploma. 

This year we also have 6 students who performed on a higher level. Normally the KBL does B1 level and mavo does B2 level Anglia exam. Brandon and Romy ,kbl did B2 and Tessa/Madeleine/Dionysha and Faith M4 passed on C1 level. And all six graduated on distinction level = uitmuntend in Dutch! Loud applause for these heroes!

We made a nice trip to the UK and the students enjoyed the trip, the park we stayed on, but most of all of course the food!! These groups also participated in our Erasmus project. We had a visit of colleagues from Hungary, Turkey ,Italy, Spain and Finland in 2017 and these students helped guiding our foreign colleagues through the school. The colleagues were extremely impressed of their level of English. Chioma and Blessing went on a trip to Finland where they experienced life in Finland. I recently had the honour to guide some tto students to Brussels and that was a great experience.
Having an extra certificate on top of your school is an advantage for our students in their future studies and jobs. Some of our mavo students will also continue to do bilingual education on havo level. This is a very unique opportunity which is only offered at the Meergronden.

Congratulations everyone! We’re all so proud of you!

English TTO teachers Sharda Ronkes and Brenda Koster