Erasmus Project: Our Trip to Finland!

7 juni 2018

Voor het Erasmus project zijn TTO leerlingen en docenten in de meivakantie naar Finland geweest.
Informatie over dit project is te vinden bij TTO Projects

Hierbij het verslag van de leerlingen:

Chioma Agbanyim: “It was a beautiful experience in Finland! I just didn't like Finnish food and the way Finnish people communicate. I really liked my host family. There are a lot of differences between the Dutch culture and the Finnish culture. We Dutch people are really loud. I went horse riding and I learned how to ride motor and quad. I also liked the food my host mother cooked “

Blessing Owusu : “This trip to Finland was really exciting. I did not know what to expect before we went there. The environment was clean, you almost did not see any airpollution. There are a couple of differences that I saw; How the people/students communicate with each other, how the popularity is between the students and how they react on each other”.

We went with our teachers: Gordon Vos (History/Geography teacher) and Sharda Ronkes (English teacher). I did not like the Finnish food. The taste of the food was different than the food that I am used to.

We went to a farm in Kangasniemi with the teachers from Italy, Spain, Hungary, Finland, Turkey and The Netherlands (and of course the students of those countries). My Host family was amazing. We chilled a lot, we went to the gym and to the football field. I had an amazing time with them and I really appreciate it that they welcomed me with love.

Aylien Ezatkhah : “It was a very fun experience to make a trip to Finland with our teachers. We did a lots of things. E.g. going to their town which for us wasn't really a town/city because they didn't really have shops, only food stores or restaurants. And we went to a camp with a sauna, it was very fun to go there, we did a lot of things”.

Ailien Ezatkhah en Lorenzo Giraldi, class BG2T
Chioma Agbanyim en Blessing Owusu, class M3T

Click here for a photo movie

The photo movie was made by: Lorenzo Giraldi