H5 and V6 tto students at Nyenrode for Worldschool project

2 oktober 2018

Monday, the 24th of September, a few students from the 5 havo classes and 6 vwo classes, including myself, took the trip to Nyenrode Busniness University in Breukelen. We went there because instead of a PWS, we chose to do World School. In groups of three or four, we were given a bunch of problems from third world countries that were formed into assignments. Our job is to try and create a useful solution. This day, we were supposed to meet a contact from the organization where our assignments come from.

The day started out on the train to Breukelen. From there, my group and I took a bus to the university. When we entered the campus, we immediately noticed deer and emus in the park. The campus is basically an enormous park with sports courts, a gym, a little street with housing for students, a hotel, a coach house, a castle and a university building.

We were divided in groups, so everyone who had the same assignment as your group would be together in all the activities. The first activity for all groups was an introductory class about sustainability. It was a very interesting class, which goes well with most of the assignments. After this, we were split up, everyone went with their group. We met with an expert on the subject, who gave us lots of good tips and things to work with. After this we had a World School class, where we were informed on ways to deal with your assignment, on the final presentation, and where the final presentation will take place. After that we were supposed to meet with our contact from the organization, however our contact was ill and couldn’t make it. Luckily, we had a replacement that was quite helpful. Lastly, we had a tour of the campus. We were shown around by two students who explained when and why all the different buildings were used. They gave a good view of life at the university as a student. For kids who were considering to study any form of business, it was very helpful.

Altogether, it was a great day, with lots of useful things to learn.

Isa Bron, class V6T