HV1T and V1P shine in The Little Victorians evening show!

13 februari 2018

Evening show Little Victorians by Phileas Fogg theatre company

On previous occasions the first year pupils of the bilingual classes experienced the Victorian time during a workshop given during a regular school day. Now, for the second time we had organized an evening show for which the parents were invited to see the joy and ease the pupils showed during the performance. Living on the street being poor, even begging for money and working in a factory, that was daily life. When you were lucky, you could go to school. But school was not the same as today. Crowded classes were quite common and you had to obey the strict rules. During the first half of the show the different scenes were introduced and rehearsed. During the second part it all came together and the different scenes merged into one story. Pupils as well as parents enjoyed the show as witnessed by the photos.

Actors and pupils of HV1T and V1P well done!

TTO teacher Hans Heslinga