The Little Victorians Evening Show door HV1T, HV1U en V1P

29 januari 2019

Travelling back in time,  the little Victorians evening show

Since I was a young boy visiting historical places, I always wondered how it would be to actually life in that era. Now I know. The pupils of bilingual education year got that chance last week! The Phileas Fogg theatre company visited us once again and all hands on deck was needed as this year we had a very large group. Victorian times when 80.000 children lived in the streets of London and tried to survive. This struggle and the different circumstances you experienced when you were rich or poor are acted out by the pupils. Once introduced in the specific era, all pupils experienced and learned their part in a Victorian setting. Ranging from chimney sweep, to cheap labour force in a factory. Learning English in a fun way!

Hans Heslinga