The Little Victorians evening show by HV1T and V1P

15 januari 2020

Op woensdag 15 januari was de Phileas Fogg Theatre Company weer op De Meergronden voor hun theaterworkshop The Little Victorians. Een superleuke avond met HV1T, V1P en hun ouders.

Isa en Nora uit klas HV1T vertellen er over:

“The little Victorians is about the Victorian time and about the hard time of the children who lived there. The theatre people from England show the children and their parents how hard it was to be a Victorian child. Every child will get a role in different scenes. First the children will practice, then is the show.

It was a fun evening. We enjoyed it and laughed much. It really felt like you were a Victorian child. It was SO nice to do! With a few materials we played a great show!”