The journey to Slowakije! Verslag door de leerlingredactie

Lilla is 14 jaar, zit in de tweede klas van de mavo/havo unit en doet de tweetalige opleiding. Zij krijgt meer dan de helft van haar vakken in het Engels en spreekt en schrijft hierdoor al heel goed Engels! Lilla is op reis gegaan voor het Erasmus project Cultural Heritage Beyond Borders. Samen met leerlingen Favourleen (MH2T), Cindy (MH2T), Shavon (M3T), Tehillah (K3B) en docenten Sharda, Gordon en Caspar is zij op avontuur gegaan in Polen en Slowakije. Lilla heeft per dag in het Engels bijgehouden wat ze allemaal heeft beleefd. Lees haar persoonlijke dagboek verslag en laat je meevoeren met deze mooie reis.

2023.01.14 (The day before the big journey)
Today I woke up with the feeling that life is not real anymore. I WAS GOING TO POLAND AND SLOWAKIJE TOMORROW! I was super excided and scared, I was trying to keep the diffrence between realitly and dreams. I couldn’t belive I was really going to Slowakije! Without parents, with my friends about to meet new people! It doesn’t even feel real! Tomorrow i will begin and I hope that it will be a unforgetible journey! I can’t wait!

2023.01.15 (The journey begins!)
I woke up and I immediatly started writing how I felt in the morning! I felt excided, scared and not that ready for leaving, but there was no going back anymore. My journey began with the route to the airport, I was talking about how I will miss them and how I will enjoy eveything. At the airport he stayed with me till the gate, and the moment I didn’t see him anymore I missed him again but I was ready! Ready for the week!

The flight was scary because it was without my parents for the first time ever! Luckly I already had gone with the plane multiple times, but it was still a bit scary but it was fun!

We arrived at the airport of Poland and then we went to the hotel. The hotel was beautiful and it had very comfortable beds! In Poland we ate some KFC for dinner and it was quit good! After that we went back to the hotel and I slept in a room with my two friends Cindy and Favourleen. Today was already magical!

Can’t wait for tomorrow! We will have to wake up at 6.30 o’clock. Nightyy

2023.01.16 (Auschwitz)
Today we were supossed too wake up at 6 o’clock, we changed the time a little bit but when the alarm went we just went back to sleep and woke up like one and a half hour later because we were so tired. WE ALMOST CAME LATE FOR BREAKFAST! But the teachers and the other students woke us up I don’t know how but okay haha. But so we went down for breakfast and we were getting ready for the second day! We were going to Auschwitz…Before we get into that part there are a few extra parts that are important! Ok, so after breakfast we got to the meeting point which was the airport. We were meeting our host family’s there! So after everyone found everyone we got in a bus and we were on our way to Auschwitz…So first of all the bus was busy because everyone was getting to know each other and I was sitting in the front with my host Ema. 

When we arrived I already got the heebie-jeebies, it was scary being on a place like this.. Because you know what happened here and how other people suverd in that time.. I think that everyone should remember what happened so that we don’t do it again…There were a bunch of story’s and pictures on the wall’s you could see everything with your eyes and it’s diffrent then when you see it on a screen… I still think it is horrible what happened but it was very educational!

After that we went back to the bus and went with the bus 3 hours.. It was a long way because we were on our way to Slowakije, we got of and went to our host family’s house and met the family! It was a very kind and loving family! I got a little bit homesick but it was over soon! It was a very nice and a very educational today!

2023.01.17 (first day of the school and meeting everyone even more)
Today I woke up a little bit late…
We were going to school! I got myself ready and went for breakfast! After breakfast we went to the school by car. All my friends were at school to, at the school we got to know each other even more and played some games and we sang traditional songs, and we got a tour of the school. It was a pretty big school! I think it was even bigger than our’s! After school we went home and I called my family.

After all that we went to a bar and we ate dinner there and than after eating we went bowling we stayed there till around 22 and then went back to the house and then that was the day basicly! There happened a lot of stuff with the games and stuff but you would have to see that with your own eyes it was very fun! Tomorrow we will need the warm clothing! Going to the Mountains!

2023.01.18 (Mountain hiking)
Okey today I woke up excited! Because this day, this day we were going to the mountains! I was supper excited! I couldn’t wait to start the day! So first of all out-side it was full of snow it was so cute! The snow was cold but I didn’t care because the amount of fun I had was magical, and that was only at the bus station! We were waiting for the rest to pick us up and then we got on the bus and we went to the mountains!! On the bus you could just feel the exitement everyone had! When we got to the mountains it was a winter-wonderland! You could never find so much snow in The Netherlands. 

Okey so we started climbing to the mountain is was basicly just walking on ice and snow, it was a heavy way up but we kept going! And when we got to the top we went to see the ice place it was a amazing! So what you were able to see there was the birth till the death of Jesus Christ and there was big house in where Jesus was standing. It was pretty cool! AND what makes it even COOLER, it was all made of ice I was amazed! 

We sat down and ate something and drank something and went down again! So you probably wonder how we got down? Okey I will tell you! With a sled ofcourse! It was fun and amazing! I made a lot of picture’s, I am pretty sure that my phone would kill me if he could haha.

So after that, we went to the bus again and then we went back to the host family, tomorrow I will go back to the school and atend to one lesson.

2023.01.19 (Just a fun day at school and meeting the mayor)
Today was a long day. We went to school and we played traditional games and we had a lot of fun! After all the school projects we went to the mayor of the city, we listen to a song and then we wrote our name in a big book. After that we went to a fabric where they showed us how they make alcohol, in my opinion it wasn’t that interesting. After that we went to a chocolate factory but we didn’t have enough time to go into the factory but we went to the store and bought chocolate, they also had fruit with chocolate that was very good! After all that we went back to our hosts and we were getting ready, for a party at school.

At the school we danced and we listen to music and had a lot of fun! I made some friends! And I also made some contact with the students from the other countries! It was a cool day! The party went on till late at night!

That was a busy and a long day! Tomorrow I will atend to one lesson and the last lesson again…

2023.01.20 (The last day..)
Today was the last lesson and the last day of our journey in Slowakije… 

The lesson was a history lesson and then after the lesson we participated with some workshops. The workshops were fun and easy to do, After that we listen to a presentation, after the presentation the end feast began in the aula… Speaches were said and the sadness was very big… Everyone was about to cry and I am sure everyone will miss each other. Each counrty was called in front and we got a certificate, everyone hugged and cried a little bit..

After the crying and hugging we participated with a dance lesson and that was pretty fun! It was amazing l loved it and hope to do it again! I really wish I could have stayed there longer but I am also very happy to go home again! 

‘And this is the end I am writing from Slowakije for the last time.. The time flew by it was an amazing week I wanna thank everyone for this opportunity! I wish to do it again and I hope to see the others again! I will miss everyone and the snow also!’

Lilla Vilmányi, Meergronden reporter, klas MH2T