V3P discovers kickboxing!

Last week we did kickboxing, it was a lot of fun! We all got a pair of boxing gloves and we did a lot of different exercises. We did, like workout exercises and box exercises. The next day, a lot of people (including me) had sore muscles!
By Isa class V3P

The kickboxing was really fun, now I can defend myself a little. Everybody did very well and I really liked doing it.
By Ilse class V3P

It may have been a little difficult to do but it was a lot of fun! We also learned a bit of self defense so we are able to protect ourselves better. The instructor did tell us that we could only use it if we needed it. The whole lesson was really incredible.
By Hananja V3P

I arranged for the kickboxing clinic in the hopes it would help my class bond a bit. Nothing better than sore muscles and a little sweat to create a good group atmosphere. The kids seemed to enjoy it a lot and did an amazing job. And I do feel like the shared experience has helped them a lot in their interaction with one another. I really hope we’ll be able to do more activities like this in the future. I love teaching English and history but those moments where I can take my students out of the classroom and introduce them to something new? Those moments are the best part of my job.
Rianne, English teacher & Mentor V3P (3 vwo TTO klas)