Erasmus project Cultural Heritage Beyond Borders in Ajka – Hungary

Verslag door Levin, Paige, Yipu en Tim – klas 2

Our journey started on May 28, 2023 Sunday morning at 7am. We took the train from Almere central station to Amsterdam, where we transferred to Frankfurt. When we got there we found out that our train to Vienna was cancelled. So we decided to get on a train to Munich and from there we went to Vienna. When we arrived in Vienna we were welcomed by two Hungarian teachers who drove us by van to the school in Ajka where we met our host families. We arrived at 1 am. 

Dag 2 hebben we een dorpje bekeken genaamd Kiscsosz daar zijn we naar een soort grote tuin gegaan we hebben daar Ice Breakers spelletjes gedaan. Met ballonnen je moest tegen elkaar aan staan en lopen met de ballon en zorgen dat ie niet viel. Daarna hebben we Hongaarse les gehad zoals de makkelijke woorden die we gingen leren. Daarna zijn we met zijn allen het dorpje gaan bekijken. We gingen naar een klein gebouw waar kleding van hun cultuur was en mooie kasten met vele kleuren. Toen zijn we met iedereen gaan lunchen. Daarna hebben we een Wagon Ride gedaan door hun tuintje, toen kon je zien hoe ze leefde en ze leefde best Middeleeuws.  

On Friday we were already on the bus at six o’clock in the morning on our way to Budapest. When we got there we visited the hero square, the chain bridge, the castle and the parliament building. It was a very beautiful city with a lot of history and a very beautiful architecture. We then went to a shopping center in Budapest with the group, it was very nice. After that we had to say goodbye to the Portuguese, Slovaks, Hungarians and Turks. The Portuguese and Dutch stayed another night in Budapest, but would leave early the next morning. We spent the rest of the day walking around Budapest and ate at a nice Italian restaurant. 

The next morning on Saturday we had to get up at 3:30, we had only slept an hour and a half. It was very early because we had to be at the central station in Budapest at 5:40 am. Our train was delayed because the train’s brakes were not working. because of that we arrived in Vienna three quarters of an hour later, where we missed the train from Vienna to Frankfurt. We spent a total of nineteen hours on the train because of this. 


With this project I learned many Hungarian cultures and I know how people live in Hungary. This project is a very special experience for me, you get to know people from other countries and sharing cultures from your own country. Hungary has a beautiful nature and the story about Hungary is very interesting. To make a long story short, I really enjoy this project and I hope there will be more projects like this.